Protein Tests offer rapid and reliable way to monitor biological contamination on surfaces

Typical areas to use a surface hygiene swab test - before environmental health do ...

Identify critical areas to ensure quality is maintained, whilst demonstrating due diligence and protecting the reputation of your customers.

This kit indicates the hygiene level after cleaning by detecting residuals of protein which can be left behind after inadequate cleaning. The kit does not directly indicate microbial activity.

Factory hygiene can be improved using Clean-Trace™ hygiene monitoring systems. Real time results allow immediate corrective action where poor hygiene is indicated.


Hygiene monitoring products are designed to serve the needs of customers in various markets such as food and beverage manufacture, healthcare and defence.


Although the specific applications may vary, they all relate to the need to monitor and control contamination from food residues or microbes.

  • Medical Practices
  • Nursing Homes
  • Catering and Food industry
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Veterinary Surgeries
  • Pubs and Wine Bars

Here’s some examples of the types of surfaces you can use the Clean-Trace™kit:

Worktops, fridges, cookers, chopping boards, cupboards, trays, tables, etc.. Other areas to use on a secondary basis: Sink areas, bathrooms, shower cubicles, toilet areas

(Please remember the Clean-Trace™ test swab detects proteins which are also on human skin)

General Information

Clean-Trace™ detects protein from food residues but can also detect other reducing substances present in food residues. The test is time-dependent, i.e; the colour develops with time, therefore disregard any colour change after the 10 minute period. There is no need to continue timing when the surface is obviously very dirty and the colour changes to dark purple (level 4) before 10 min. The test is temperature-dependent and therefore it is important to allow the devices to reach ambient temperature (15-25°C) before performing the test.


Clean-Trace™ is not intended as a microbiological monitoring tool but does detect bacteria in excess of 107cfu/test. There is no interference with most common sanitisers at normal concentrations.


However high concentrations of alkaline cleaners may cause false negative results in some instances.

Peroxide based disinfectants can cause a false positive colour change reaction with Clean-Trace™.


The colour may form on the swab more than the solution with certain types of soil. Record the strongest colour change on the swab or in the solution as the end result.