Protein Tests offer rapid and reliable way to monitor biological contamination on surfaces

How Swab Testing Kits can help

How can hygiene be improved?

The advent of rapid, non instrument based hygiene tests, provide an opportunity for businesses to measure hygiene effectiveness first hand on a day to day basis. The Clean-Trace™ hygiene device is a self contained hygiene measurement test that will enable a quick assessment of cleanliness on any

surface. Designed to monitor cleaning effectiveness, Clean-Trace™ will quickly show if an area has been cleaned properly or requires further attention before use. This reduces the risk of product contamination.

Client Testimonials


Here is what Peter Swanger, the Quality Assessment Manager of Tesco, our largest and most well known customer had to say about our Clean-Trace Test Swabs:

“We have been using the test swabs now for almost 12 months and have found them to be a key driver to the high standards that we have in The Quality Assessment Centre, where hygiene is paramount. What makes them so useful is the speed in which they demonstrate results and the simplicity of ‘If it’s green, it’s clean’.


The benefits to us are three-fold; they give an indication of any shortfalls in hygiene within the areas tested in order that they can be immediately addressed, they encourage

the cleaning team to maintain the high standards that they themselves have set by sharing with them the findings of the swabs taken, and by documenting the results of all tests completed we can provide an element of due diligence to anyone wanting to know or see the process that we have in place.


I would recommend them to anyone looking to invest in a simple, cost effective system to indicate high cleaning performance and standards”